Forest Heights Neighbourhood

Initial development within this new development required the extension of an arterial road – 50th Avenue, an existing rural road. Adjacent land uses include a golf course and a newly planned residential development. Existing ground conditions in this area consist of a array of hills and gullies creating a challenging situation to blend the existing topography into a workable design benefiting both the golf course as well as the future lots backing on to the new arterial road.

At full build–out the 78 acre neighbourhood will have approximately 380 single and semi–detached homes. The existing terrain created a unique situation to create walkout lots backing onto existing tree stands and a new naturalized storm pond. Select developed a logo and theme for Forest Heights that is carried through the entrance and masonry features that further enhance the area beauty and adjacent forest.

There was an existing farmstead which had many existing trees including spruce, elms, oaks and Schubert’s. Approximately 40 trees were strategically transplanted to be reused in the parks and storm ponds within the development to give immediate impact to the overall appearance of this developing neighbourhood.

This development was the first in Beaumont to use four–party trenching which combines all shallow utilities into one trench, saving cost and reducing the construction schedule by four weeks.


Expertise Provided

  • Neighbourhood Structure Planning
  • Zoning and Subdivision
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Administration
  • Residential Development

First development in Beaumont to use four–party trenching.