Provost Master Infrastructure Plan

The Master Infrastructure Plan project being completed by Select Engineering Consultants for the Town of Provost is an all-encompassing report detailing the existing conditions, capacities, and recommended upgrades for all linear infrastructure owned and maintained by the Town of Provost. This includes the water treatment and subsequent distribution infrastructure, sanitary collection and treatment system, storm water collection and management works, and road infrastructure.

The objective of the report is to provide an inventory of the current assets, provide recommendations for improvements based on identified needs, and provide an initial framework for a 10 year capital project plan to maintain an acceptable level of service.

As this project looks at the infrastructure within the Town of Provost as a whole, significant planning and conceptualizing work has been included in the report to ensure infrastructure recommendations are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner that will provide the most benefit to the Town and it’s residents. For example, a segment of water distribution infrastructure has been noted as requiring upgrading to meet current and future demands on 50th Street within the Town of Provost, however the road infrastructure within this area that would be impacted by this construction work has been found to be in adequate condition with an expected service life greater than 10 years. This project has been determined to be low priority based on this impact, and has not been included in the proposed 10 year capital plan.


Expertise Provided

  • Onsite Engineering Inspections & Evaluations
  • Detailed Engineering Assessment
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Roadway Improvements

The report ensures infrastructure recommendations are implemented in a timely and cost effective manner.

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