Marketing + Graphics

With creative minds Select can provide value added marketing materials with outstanding visual impact and graphic flair.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” The ability to graphically articulate complex projects to administrations, municipal authorities and the public have a huge influence on the outcome of planning and engineering approvals and sharp and realistic visualizations also sell sites. Select Planning has strong artistic capabilities and excel at taking ordinary technical inputs and transforming them into striking visual graphics.

In many cases technical engineering drawings and detailed plans can be hard to understand, using effective graphic design we can create visually appealing and comprehensive figures that are easily understood by the general public. In addition we can create a variety marketing materials to promote client’s development projects including reports, brochures, display boards, renderings, animations and presentations.

Some of the value added Marketing + Graphic services we can provide includes:

  • Subdivision stage maps and marketing plans
  • Graphic display boards
  • Render site plans, road cross sections + building elevations
  • Develop three-dimensional models for rendering and/or animation
  • Brochures and reports
  • Electronic presentations
  • Subdivision entry signs
  • Logo design

Select uses top of the line industry standard software solutions including:

  • Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop – for graphic design and illustrative plans
  • Adobe InDesign – to prepare beautifully formatted reports
  • SketchUp – to develop 3D site models and animations

A picture is worth a thousand words, our visual representations and creative designs clearly communicate complex ideas with visual impact.

Marketing + Graphics Coordinator