We take a multi-disciplinary development team approach to provide planning services and support from concept development and statutory approvals all the way through detailed design, and endorsement.

Planners at Select have successfully navigated the municipal approval maze in the greater Edmonton area over a long period of time and have seen major land development and municipal engineering projects from due diligence through to the build out of entire neighbourhoods. At Select we take a multi-disciplinary development team approach and continue to provide planning services and support beyond the concept and statutory approvals stages all the way through detailed design, subdivision, marketing and endorsement.

Select has built valuable relationships with local administrations and politicians and is diligent about staying current with evolving trends and innovations being explored in municipalities.

Planning Services

  • Prepare Work Programs and Complete Due Diligence for land acquisitions
  • Collect background documentation and assimilate existing digital and hard copy information
  • Provide technical support (Autocad, Microsoft Word Excel, Power Point)
  • Provide project management to coordinate the variety of multi-disciplinary technical and professional inputs required
  • Create Concept Site and Land Use Plans that are attractive and technically and economically feasible
  • Work with municipal administrations to address issues
  • Prepare statutory and regulatory documentation for submission and approval (Area Structure Plans, Neighbourhood Structure Plans, Outline Plans and Zoning)
  • Conduct the Public Consultation Process
  • Determine Urban Design/LEED Developments/Sustainability Studies Requirements
  • Support and interact with the Developers, Engineers/Architects and other professionals on the team
  • Manage the implementation process (Zoning and Subdivision)

Our consulting team works with many planning and development administrators on a regular basis and have developed a systematic approach to ensure our clients are well informed of specific development processes for their area.

Manager, Planning